Simple things first before using drugs to assist sleep.
Cold compress or Chillo on the forehead.
Check you don’t have a dust mite allergy.
Milky drink and hot bath
Yoga in bed!

Vaccinations – people forget

I think the problem is that the anti-vaccine groups, have never seen the damage that these illnesses have caused.

It is a symptom of living in a society where there is no TB, smallpox, polio, measles or mumps epidemics. If only they read their history…but even then, one journalist reckons that Aspirin caused all the deaths during the 1918 pandemic.

It’s similar to people who have forgotten how their grandparents coped without the NHS.


Talking on Friday to some researchers; apparently, stopping cannabis can cause psychosis. It occurs in those people with a psychotic illness, where smoking C. indica, treats the psychosis.
How a user knows what he is buying, is the question?
Of course, I have nothing good to say about smoking it, having witnessed too many people become ill from its use.